Increase Multiples on EBITDA

With decades of facility service divestiture and acquisition experience, our team has spent countless hours working with entrepreneurs and PE firms on the buy and sell side.  We utilize seven key factors that you should consider when positioning your company for an acquisition/disposition.  Use our industry experience to position your company for the highest possible return on investment.

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Client Retension Methodology

Increased EE Productivity

  • Operating Strategy & Delivery System
  • Service Value
  • Client Loyalty

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Growth Strategy

Increased “Close” Ratio

  • Persuasive Proposals
  • Go-No-Go Strategy
  • Sales Training

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Human Capital Managment Program

Increased recruitment retention

EE Management

  • Payroll & Tax Filling
  • Time & attendance
  • HR Compliance
  • HRIS/Online

EE Benefits

  • Medical Wellness
  • Risk/Training

EE Services

  • On-Boarding
  • Off-Boarding
  • Clientele Management

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