Close Ratio

Our goal is to help you increase your close ratio on proposals made to identify targets, preapproved for success. Most diverse client base models close customers at a rate of less than 20%. By reevaluating your methodology as we will exhaustively instruct and train we plan to move your close ratio’s above 50% - don’t waste your business development dollars… close more deals, by narrowing your focus and dominating your target market. We will train your team how to write and articulate persuasive presentations that will grow your business organically.

Your Clients Language

You must learn to speak your target client’s language. They are motivated by, strategic, business or financial motivators; by both internal and external political or social goals and at times they are called to be tactical and address either technical or infrastructure guidelines. We will teach you how to pull this information from your client target.

The Bidding Process

Identifying your customer’s markers and values is key to a successful bidding process. You must assure you meet the technical compliance, show that you can perform as a usable asset, while still achieving the economic buyers ROI, Lifecycle cost expectations.

Identifying Desired Outcomes

We will instruct your team how to maximize a productive brainstorming session to flush out the true opportunity, by identifying the customer’s true needs and desired outcomes.


After you brainstorm the customers’ needs and desired outcomes, you need to prioritize. This is ultimately what will differentiate you from your competitors and allow you to develop the right solution(s) with the best evidence to support your capabilities to perform as a trusted advisor.

Communicating to the Client

Customers do not automatically recognize that the solution you are proposing will give them the results they want. You must clearly, explicitly link the elements of your solution to their needs and the outcomes the client seeks. We will teach you how to pull back the layers of this process and articulate in a persuasive manner.


The sequence of activities in managing a proposal project is critical for a successful bid attempt. This is where many people in the business service industry waste the largest amount of dollars in their pursuit costs. It is critical to predetermine a specific discipline to your go-no-go strategy for every project you consider. Remember, you must narrow your focus and dominate your target market… not the entire industry.

Operating Strategy

Lastly, we will help advise you on how to integrate your proposal center into the overall operating strategy. Anyone can convince a customer that we are the best, but without operational congruency, you will void your credibility if you’re not aligned. Operations have to be able to implement that which you sell. Your proposal must say what you do; and operations must be able to do what you said.